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Strategy is the link between mission and operational plans that drives institutional effectiveness. Most institutions of higher education (IHE) have adopted a strategic plan, ranging from truly strategic (advancing a competitive advantage in the HE marketplace) to interchangeable with any other IHE (grow enrollment, build strong academic programs, improve student success, strengthen financial sustainability, meet workforce needs). Hoshin Kanri, a strategic planning system grounded in the philosophy of continuous improvement, provides equal attention to strategy development (what are your multi-year strategic objectives), strategy deployment (how will you reach these objectives), and strategy management (who is responsible for achieving these objectives). HK engages IHE community members in all three aspects of strategic planning to create awareness, acceptance, and application needed to align the efforts of employees, offices, departments, and functions. IHE can better fulfill their missions and visions by achieving of institutional strategic objectives using the comprehensive approach of HK strategy development, deployment, and management.  


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