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Hoshin (Direction) Kanri (Execution) is built on a foundation of scientific thinking and embraces the key pillars of Lean:

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Respect for People


Hoshin Kanri employs the PDCA cycle across three key phases:

  • Strategy Development, i.e., Define “true north” for the HE institution

  • Strategy Deployment, i.e., Deploy the multi-year strategy/ annual plan

  • Strategy Management, i.e., Monitor, adjust, and improve the strategic planning process

Hoshin Kanri engages employees (all levels & functions) to develop, endorse, & commit to the

  • Multi-year strategic objectives of the institution

  • Successive annual plans focused on select strategic objectives of the institution

  • Alignment of their own/team goals, projects, and actions (GPA) with the institution’s high-level annual objectives

Why Strategy Development, Deployment, and Management Fails in Higher education

Potential Root Causes of Failure:

  • Poor communication of strategic objectives

  • Poor follow through on strategic objectives

  • Employee/Team goals not aligned with strategic objectives

  • Limited review of annual Goals/Projects/Actions (G/P/A)

  • Lack of means to execute strategy and implement improvements

  • Underinvestment in strategy deployment; even less investment in strategy management

Countermeasure: hoshin kanri

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