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Consulting services

Short-term, intensive, on-campus consulting services or longer-term, advisory, hybrid (a combination of on-campus and from a distance) are opportunities that can be arranged by mutual agreement. 

speaking engagements

Bill is enthusiastic about helping Lean Higher Education (LHE) each a broader audience. His speaking engagements range from keynote addresses and overviews of LHE to broad audiences, to interactive discussions with members of university leadership. He is available to speak on his book, his LHE research, and related topics (e.g., readiness for change) for the successful implementation of LHE. 


Bill is committed to expanding research on LHE to advance its knowledge base and support evidence-based best practice. Reach out if you have research questions, or if your institution is interested in participating in collaborative LHE research projects. 

quick help

Bill welcomes emails or scheduled video/phone calls to provide quick help on your LHE questions. His “pay it forward” assistance reflects the well-established culture of the worldwide LHE community. 

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