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ASQ Lean Enterprise Division

Division of American Society for Quality focusing on Lean in manufacturing, government, healthcare and other sectors.

American Society for Quality (ASQ)

A knowledge-based global community of quality professionals dedicated to promoting and advancing quality tools, principles, and practices in their workplaces and communities. Wide range of resources relevant to Lean in higher education.

Bob Emiliani Lean Leadership

M.L. “Bob” Emiliani is a professor, researcher, author, and historian of progressive management. A long-time TPS/Lean practitioner and the first to focus on Lean leadership as an area of scholarly study. He provides many useful tools, including a manual for leading kaizen events.

Free Lean Site

Many free resources with downloadable training modules.

Gemba Academy

Large number of teaching and training resources, including many videos, mainly available on a commercial basis.

Kaizen Team Leader's Manual

Manual (with editable forms) developed by Bob Emiliani for leading a kaizen/rapid improvement event

Lean Enterprise Institute

Mission to make things better through Lean thinking and practice. Includes a Lean forum.

Lean Ohio

Range of Lean resources designed to help make services simpler, faster, better, and less costly.

Lean Pathways

Educational materials and blog by Pascal Dennis, a Lean author and former Toyota Lean practitioner.

Lean Production

Resources focusing on manufacturing with many relevant and transferrable to HE.

Lean Simulations

A collection of Lean games and simulations, videos, and blog posts.

Miami University of Ohio Lean Glossary

Glossary of Lean terminology.

Michigan Technological University Continuous Improvement

Includes blogs, trainings, and a list of useful texts.

Microsoft Office 365 Templates

Office 365 can be searched for templates and methods for Lean templates and methods, visual tools and techniques, and project management

Norges Arktiske Universitet (The Arctic University of Norway)

Includes selected readings and tools and techniques (in Norwegian).


This website offers a range of materials, including videos and articles, about Lean in services and manufacturing.

Toyota Kata

Resources provided by Mike Rother, author of a number of books including ‘Toyota Kata: Managing People for Improvement, Adaptiveness and Superior Results’.

University of Iowa Lean

Includes an overview of Lean and some useful tools.

University of St. Andrews Lean

Focuses on Lean in Higher Education and provides resources including ‘Becoming Lean: A Pocket Guide’ and ‘Becoming a Lean University: The Case of the University of St Andrews.’

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